To be held at 12.00 noon on Sunday 12 November 2017 at the Pavilion.


Notice of Henley CC AGM

Just a short note to alert you, as previously recorded in the Fixture Card, that the HCC AGM is to be held on Sunday 12 November this year, in the Pavilion. The date was set slightly early this year as several officers will be away in Australia during the following few weeks.

This is Remembrance Sunday so we plan to have a start time of 12 noon, to be confirmed when the full agenda is published before the end of October so as to allow the necessary 2 weeks’ notice period. The agenda will be posted on the HCC website under the News Section.

Normal reports by the Committee and Captains will be made and the Accounts presented. I’d just point out at this stage that nominations for election to officers of the club, and any items for discussion, need to be with me in writing (proposed and seconded by 2 club members) at least seven clear days before the AGM, though obviously the sooner the better!

We look forward to seeing as many members there as possible. Apologies to any notables I’ve missed out, so please spread the word to friends, family and players (maybe via SnapChat?) who are members of the Club.

Best Regards



To be held at 12.00 noon on Sunday 12 November 2017 at the Pavilion.

1. Apologies for Absence
2.  Minutes of AGM held on 27 November 2016For approval (previously distributed and available on request or at the meeting)
3. Matters Arising from those minutes
4. Chairman’s Report
5.  Treasurer’s ReportAnnual Report and Accounts, and appointment of Auditor for period to next AGM.
6. Captain’s Reports
7. “Proposals by Paul Bradbury and Michael Roberts”.

Proposals PLB and MCR













Election of OfficersAll current Officers are standing for re-election.  No other candidates have been proposed or seconded for election.  The President is due for re-election for a further 3-year term until 2020; John Nelson has been proposed and seconded by Brian Kenworthy and Tony Fettiplace.  John Nelson and Tony Fettiplace have proposed and seconded Brian Kenworthy as Chairman.  All others have been proposed and seconded by John Nelson and Brian Kenworthy.

President John Nelson
Chairman Brian Kenworthy
Vice Chairman Roger Garfath
Hon. Secretary Tony Fettiplace
Hon. Treasurer Ian Nugent
Fixtures Secretary Peter Edwards
Fundraising Chairman David Winter
Grounds Chairman Dylan Jones
Membership Secretary Ronnie Brock
9. Election of CaptainsThe following have been proposed and seconded by Brian Kenworthy and John Nelson.

Firsts Michael Roberts
Seconds Charlie Homewood
Thirds Nathan Hopkins

To note – Stewart Davison has been re-appointed as Club Coach.

10. SubscriptionsTo be agreed.  The Committee proposes that the level of player subscriptions be amended, whilst recognising the position of students, to address both the increase in the cost of living since the last increase in 2011 and to encourage early payment:

·         Senior subscriptions to be increased from £135 to £175 but this would be mitigated to £145 if paid by 30 May;

·         Student subscriptions to be increased from £50 to £75 but this would be maintained at £50 if paid by 30 May.

11.  Vice-PresidentsTo endorse the election of any new VPs, Chairman to report.
12. Draw for the One Hundred ClubBy the Treasurer
13. Any Other Business



Henley Herald Article About Our New Driveway and Equipment

Henley Cricket Club have put their joint South Oxfordshire District (SODC) and Henley Town Council grants of £54K to very good use to resurface their car park and driveway and to purchase some new ground maintenance equipment.

Each Council gave the club £27k and they have spent this on a new permeable tarmac surface for their car park and driveway up to the pavilion, a specialised cricket square mower with attachments (brush, slitter, spikes and scarifier), a proper cricket drive on auto roller and a Variseeder.

John Nelson, President,  Roger Garfath, Vice Chair and David Winter, Fundraising & Sponsorship Chairman of Henley Cricket Club showed off the new investments yesterday morning to Paul Harrison, Chair of SODC and Henley Mayor, Councillor Julian Brookes and Mayor Elect, Councillor Will Hamilton at the Remenham ground.

David Winter said,”We have wanted to do the driveway for years, it was costing us between £3/4,000 a year to just maintain the horrible old one.  We needed to install permeable tarmac as we are on the flood plain.  Every year we have also spent money on our machinery to maintain it. Our previous roller was an old road one – we have passed this one on to Nettlebed Cricket Club. The new equipment will enable us to do all of the maintenance work ourselves now instead of paying contractors.”

Councillor Hamilton said, “The Town Council grant is a commitment to giving all levels of cricket the best facilities across the town.”

“Henley Cricket Club is a community asset and is not used just for cricket.  SODC gave the grant so it would allow for a much needed improvement to the driveway so that more groups could continue to use the pavilion all year round, making it more sustainable in the long term,” said, Paul Harrison.


HCC Welfare Policy

The Club has adopted a revised Welfare Policy, which all members are encouraged to read.  The policy can be found at the foot of the Home page of this website, and the full Manual is available on request from Gary behind the bar.


New Helmet Safety Measures

ECB Guidance Note: Safety measures for helmets within recreational cricket

The ECB has recently announced new helmet safety measures, which are being introduced with a view to reducing the risk of head and facial injuries within the game. The purpose of this brief note is to assist Leagues and Clubs at the recreational level to understand the key elements of these changes and what they mean.

Players over the age of 18

The ECB strongly recommends that all adult recreational cricketers should wear helmets for certain activities, preferably which meet the most recent British Safety Standard (see below). This recommendation applies to batting against all types of bowling, wicket-keepers standing up to the wicket (who may as an alternative wear face protectors) and fielders fielding closer than eight yards from the batsman’s middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off side.

Under 18s

The position in relation to u18s currently remains unchanged, and is governed by the ‘ECB Guidance on the Wearing of Cricket Helmets by Young Players’ (

In essence, batsmen and wicket-keepers standing up to the stumps must wear head protection when playing or practising. That Guidance should be referred to in full for the position in relation to u18s.

British Safety Standard

The latest British Safety Standard is BS7928:2013 (for both adults and juniors). The full list of helmets meeting this standard is available at For wicket-keeping face protectors the relevant British Safety Standard is BS7929-2:2009 (again, for both adults and juniors).

The ECB understands that there is currently no specific women’s helmet and as a consequence no specific standard for women’s cricket helmets. As the size of the standard women’s cricket ball is between the standard men and junior balls, it is recommended that women use helmets that have been tested against both the men’s and junior sized ball, or at least against the junior size ball (as that could potentially get through the gap above the face guard on a men’s helmet).

What do Leagues and Clubs need to do?

Whilst it is strongly recommended that all adult recreational cricketers wear helmets in the on-field circumstances detailed above, it is not mandatory for them to do so. For the avoidance of doubt, Leagues or Clubs do not need to go above and beyond the ECB’s recommendation by forcing their cricketers to wear helmets.

However, Leagues and Clubs in recreational cricket should ensure that their cricketers are made aware of the ECB’s above recommendation in relation to helmets, including the need to check that any newly purchased helmets meet the latest British Safety Standard. The ECB recommends that Leagues and Clubs bring the link above (i.e to the attention of their cricketers and encourage all cricketers to carefully consider their own health and safety regarding helmet use.

Leagues and Clubs should always ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance. February 2016