T20 Competition 2017

BH Mon 01-May 14.00 Home Aston Rowant
BH Mon 29-May 14.00 Home Oxford or Banbury
Sun 23-Jul 14.00 at Burnham Finals Day

Henley CC Saturday League Fixtures 2017

1st XI Matches start at 11.30 from 6 May to 3 June, subsequent matches start at 11.00.

2nd, 3rd and 4th XI Matches start at 13.00 from 6 May to 5 August, subsequent matches start at 12.30.

Date Firsts-HCPL Div 1 Seconds-TVCL 1 Thirds-TVCL5b Fourths-TVCL7b
6 May Great and Little Tew-Away-50/50 Wokingham-Home-50/50 Maidenhead and Bray 2-Away Chalfont St Peter 2-Home
13 May Burnham-Home-50/50 Boyne Hill-Away-50/50 Wargrave 2-Home Hillingdon Manor 2-Away
20 May Banbury-Away-50/50 Cookham Dean-Home-50/50 Wokingham 3-Away Ruislip 2-Home
27 May Finchampstead-Home-50/50 Finchampstead-Away-50/50 Aldershot 2-Home Tring Park 3-Away
3 June High Wycombe-Away-50/50 Falkland-Home-50/50 Slough 4-Away High Wycombe 4-Home
10 June Oxford-Home-Time Marlow-Away-Time Falkland 3-Away Chesham 4-Home
17 June Tring-Away-Time Stoke Green-Home-Time Bracknell-Home Farnham Royal 2-Away
24 June Horspath-Home-Time Cove-Away-Time Chiswick and Whitton 2-Away Woodburn Narkovians 2-Home
1 July Slough-Away-Time Gerrards Cross-Home-Time Boyne Hill 2-Home NPL Teddington 2-Away
8 July Great and Little Tew-Home-Time Wokingham-Away-Time Maidenhead and Bray 2-Home Chalfont St Peter 2-Away
15 July Burnham-Away-Time Boyne Hill-Home-Time Wargrave 2-Away Hillingdon Manor 2-Home
22 July Banbury-Home-Time Cookham Dean-Away-Time Wokingham 3-Home Ruislip 2-Away
29 July Finchampstead-Away-Time Finchampstead-Home-Time Aldershot 2-Away Tring Park 3-Home
5 Aug High Wycombe-Home-Time Falkland-Away-Time Slough 4-Home High Wycombe 4-Away
12 Aug Oxford-Away-50/50 Marlow-Home-50/50 Falkland 3-Home Chesham 4-Away
19 Aug Tring-Home-50/50 Stoke Green-Away-50/50 Bracknell-Away Farnham Royal 2-Home
26 Aug Horspath-Away-50/50 Cove-Home-50/50 Chiswick and Whitton 2-Home Woodburn Narkovians 2-Away
2 Sep Slough-Home-50/50 Gerrards Cross-Away-50/50 Boyne Hill 2-Away NPL Teddington 2-Home